Normal Route approaching camp


For accommodation in Confluencia we offer sleeping tents and dormitory tents with bunked beds. We want our clients to enjoy good comfort and a good rest so they save energy for a good acclimatization.The sleeping tents are best quality from well known brands. They are 2 persons tents to endure any weather adversity.

Our dormitory domes are a good choice when you want  more comfort. There are bunk beds with mattresses and electric lights.

Note:  This service is only provided if you take full boarding services.



We have complete kitchen set up with professional chefs in our camps.  They personally take care for all the meals to be nutritional and high in energy for your journey to the Base Camps.As we have our own mule transport we can guarantee fresh meals because we provide daily bread, meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables.By enjoying our meals in the approaching camps you will avoid the extra weight needed to transport on the mules and also you won’t be cooking so you can take time to relax on the way to base camp.We guarantee excellent meal service! All of our meals are served in dining domes with tables and chairs, dishes, electric lights and wooden floors.You must never forget that a good meal helps for good acclimatization!


Pampa de Leñas Casa de Piedras

Vacas Valley approaching camps


If you choose the Vacas Valley Route or the 360° you have to stop at Pampa de Leñas and Casa de Piedra. You have to stop there to acclimatize and rest before arriving at Plaza Argentina Base Camp.There aren’t any permanent camps at these locations because Aconcagua Park’s Authorities do not authorize them.  As we want to help our climbers we offer facilities to prepare meals so you avoid making any extra effort to reach base camp.

You must never forget that a good meal helps for good acclimatization!


Our options

Full Board Service without Cook

Our package includes breakfast, lunch box and dinner to prepare your selfs.The packages are delivered to each camp and transported on our mules.

Full board Service with Cook

Besides the meals we add a professional chef to prepare fresh meals in each camp. The chef is considered for 3 days.