Dear mountain friends: 

We are going through a moment of uncertainty that has lasted, we believe, much longer than necessary.

The authorities of the Aconcagua Park have not yet officially communicated if this November 15th the 2020/2021 Aconcagua season will begin. 

Throughout unofficial communications they have hinted that the park will be open for day trekking and, only if an international distribution vaccine emerges, the Park could open for ascents.

Therefore, understanding that this is unlikely to happen in the coming weeks, according to the local and international situation, we have decided to accept that there will be no 2020-2021 Aconcagua season.

We are deeply sorry for this situation, because we know what it means to plan a trip for this type of adventure and that it is not possible to do it.

We are committed to assisting all of our clients and we will put all our energy to help you through this situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt.

And remember:
The mountain is not going anywhere!
We will go back to Aconcagua together!