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Aconcagua Local Company inka expediciones

What is the benefit of joining a local company for an expedition to Aconcagua?

With adventure travels, local matters.

You are about to undertake an adventure far from home and you wonder what is the safest way to do it. We are sure that regional specific expertise makes a real difference. As a local company we provide experience and knowledge of the place, the customs of its people, and the needs of visitors.

The true value of experience.

The experience in the mountains of the owners of Inka (from the age of 16) is not easy to transmit. Therefore, they are active and in charge of essential areas of the company. Their spirit, commitment and comprehensive knowledge contribute to innovation and provide mountaineers with an unique and complete experience.

Exceed expectations with a superior customer service.

Ever walk into a family-owned business and were treated like you were part of the family? That’s a special quality that we tend to have, and that’s what a lot of mountaineers appreciate. We treat each of our clients as a friend. Our greatest asset is that we can proudly say that through our work, we have climber friends worldwide.
Specialists in Aconcagua. At Inka Expediciones, we understand the unique geography of Aconcagua. In fact, our entire company is specifically for the task of providing quality services in Aconcagua. This even includes several innovative products and services we’ve designed to meet the needs of mountaineers who visit us.

Plaza de Mulas

We’re a Local Company managed by its founders, mountaineers like you.





Climbing Aconcagua

Hundred of people climb aconcagua every year and we have private or scheduled expeditions for you to climb one of the seven summits.

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