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The porters are responsible for helping the climber to transfer the extra weight to the high camps. For groups of climbers, he can help to transfer common equipment such as tents, food and fuel.

A porter service includes the transportation to high camps for up to 20 kg. You can also get half porter services, which includes up to 10kg.

Benefits for you

  • It favors energy savings to reach the summit.
  • Helps with your personal gear.


Horcones Valley
Plaza de Mulas – Canada
Plaza de Mulas – Cambio de Pendiente
Plaza de Mulas – Nido de Condores
Plaza de Mulas – Berlin o Cólera


Vacas Valley
Plaza Argentina – Camp 1
Plaza Argentina – Camp 2
Plaza Argentina – Camp 3

Why contract this service via INKA?

  • Guarantee the availability by booking this service in advance.
  • Precision in the time schedule to deliver your load.
  • Safety of the load.
  • Avoid price gouging through advance contracting.

Do not let this vital service into the hands of strangers and ensures your peace of mind with the support of INKA Expediciones.

If you have any question please contact us.


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