Aconcagua guides

The Direction of Renewable Natural Resources (DRNR) of the Government of Mendoza administers the Aconcagua Provincial Park and issues visitors’ entry permits.

Mountain guides who want to guide expeditions in mount Aconcagua must register with this organization and receive the credential to be authorized to work inside the park.

The  Direction of Renewable Natural Resources requires that the guides must necessarily be professionals, having received the training of mountain guide and trekking and their certification in one of the different mountain schools of Argentina.

The guides receive certifications of High Mountain Guide, Mountain Guide and Trekking Guide, issued by the EPGAMT (Provincial School of Mountain Guides and Trekking of Mendoza) or by the AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides).

These titles are the only ones recognized by the Direction of Renewable Natural Resources to be able to provide services of leader guide or assistant guide in the Aconcagua Park.

Thinking about your safety, always demand the accreditation credentials of the guides to operate in Aconcagua Park.

Inka Expediciones hires the services of certified professional guides, authorized to operate in the Aconcagua Park and that also show vast experience in Aconcagua and in different mountains of the world.

What roles do the guides on the expedition?

An experienced guide is the key to both success of the expedition and personal safety. The guides will personally attend to all your needs on the mountain. Continuously by your side, checking equipment, securing your crampons, securing ropes if necessary, organising your meals and provisions and monitoring your hydration levels for proper regulation of altitude adaption which is imperative for your physical conditioning whist climbing at altitude.

The services of guides fulfils both quality and safety standards. They are selected very carefully, knowing that the life of a climber depends on their training and experience. All guides have been trained especially for first aid care in inhospitable areas and treat all health problems from exposure to cold and altitude sickness.