We guarantee safety with: planning, experience, early detection of symptoms, immediate treatment of acute mountain sickness, in-depth knowledge of Cerro Aconcagua and human behavior in risky situations.

Experienced guides
All of our guides are trained in mountain medicine and are experienced in contingency and evacuation planning when an emergency is occurring.
In addition, our guides permanently transport kits for group care, provided with appropriate medicines for immediate application and especially with oximeters for permanent monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and preventive check of heart rate.
We have first-aid kits, remedies and other elements of medical assistance such as oximeters, oxygen tubes, hyperbaric chambers, exclusively for our clients and ready to solve all kinds of problems without depending on others.

Integrated communication
Every year we invest heavily in communications to have new technologies in such an isolated place in the mountains. All our camps and bases in Penitentes and Mendoza City are interconnected through different means of communication, such as radio, telephone and internet. In this way, in the different evacuations several times we have managed to move the client away from the well-known consequences caused to health by freezes, brain and lung edema and other trauma and disorders, often irreversible, that carry the risks of this activity.

Contingency plan
We pay special attention to contingency plans for search, rescue and evacuation of people for any health problem. The routines and plans have been reliably tested, and executed with total success in the cases that were necessary.

Own evacuation service
We have our own mule transportation service on Mount Aconcagua, as well as our own vehicles that allow us to quickly access medical care centers. And in any case a more urgent evacuation is necessary, Aconcagua Provincial Park has a helicopter transfer service to the park entrance.
Camps, Management and Follow-up Posts, Park Rangers, Rescue Patrol, Police, special transport, Hospital Medical Guards and Institutes specialized in mountain accidents, are immediately put on alert and mobilized at any request from INKA Expeditions.