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INKA Expediciones Aconcagua Specialists.

We are  leading company provider of expeditions and treks in Mt. Aconcagua, with the best logistics infrastructure and the highest success rates. Our professional guides offer personalized attention and the best guarantee of safety in the Aconcagua.
Focus only on enjoying this lifetime experience and leave the logistical headache in hands of the Aconcagua Specialists: INKA EXPEDICIONES.

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About us

The Normal route starts with an acclimatization trekkings to Plaza Francia, and then we made the approach to Plaza de Mulas, a 40 km trek. It takes us three days to get to Plaza de Mulas. This guarantee a very good acclimatization before start the climbing of Aconcagua. Our suggested program includes two days of double equipment porting and security. When the last stage begins, we go higher and higher until we reach the summit. In the Aconcagua, sometimes the presence of a white wind makes the ascent difficult, this is what we use the security days for thus increasing the chances of reaching the summit.





Climbing Aconcagua

Hundred of people climb aconcagua every year and we have private or scheduled expeditions for you to climb one of the seven summits.

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