Our scheduled expeditions in Aconcagua includes a complete package of services, which allows you to focus on achieving your goals without thinking about the headaches that logistics brings.
Here we list the services in detail so that you know everything that our Normal route expedition includes.
About the route
This 18-day program was designed thinking on the proper balance between time of acclimatization and summit success. Ideal for climbers who already have a previous acclimatization or that prefers shorter programs.
Logistic Services in Aconcagua

Professional Guides

The guides are highly experienced in Aconcagua, with degrees and licenses from organizations that guarantee their special training. The Provincial School for Mountain and Trekking Guides (EPGAMT) is the only school that specializes on Aconcagua, accredited in the Argentine Association for Mountain Guides (AAGM) and members of the Professional Mountain and Trekking Guides Association (AGPMT). Some of the guides have licenses from IFMGA.

Trek to High Camps


Assistance in the obtainment of Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance permits. The Aconcagua is a reserved area, managed by the Government of the province of Mendoza. To be able to enter the park one must obtain a permit, for trekking or for ascending to the summit. You will be personally assisted in this procedure at our sales office. The permit cost is not included in our services.

Aconcagua Park Entrance Permit


All the transportation, according to the schedule for the group, is in private vehicles.
Transport from the airport to Hotel in Mendoza; we wait for you at the airport and take you to the hotel.
Transport to and from Mendoza-Puente de Inka. From the hotel we take you to Puente de Inca 180 km, through mountainous roads, where you can enjoy the most spectacular view of the Central Andes.
Transport to and from Puente de Inca-Horcones. From our logistic center in Puente de Inca to the entrance of Aconcagua Park, where we start the trekking.

Aconcagua Transportation


City of Mendoza: Two (2) nights of lodging in a 3 star hotel in the city of Mendoza, double or triple, half board, beverages not included.
Penitentes: One (1) night in Puente de Inca in shared room. Dinner and breakfast included.
Mountain Camps: All nights of the expedition in double tents or dormitory domes (4 or 8 persons) Full Board.


Storage of equipment

Facility for the storage and care of equipment. In Puente de Inca you can leave your equipment in storage with peace of mind, since a person in charge supervises your luggage while you ascend the mountain.

Aconcagua Logitics Center


All meals are included during the approach, at Base Camp and high altitude camps. Meals are prepared daily by the cooks. Our diet includes, among other things, fresh fruit, meat, chicken, vegetables, fresh eggs, bread and much more. Our meals are well balanced and high in energy so you have your entire body requirements for the ascent. We are also prepared to organise special meals, like vegetarian, celiac and other needs.

Meals at Camps

Mules for equipment transportation

We take your equipment without limits of weight, from Penitentes to Plaza de Mulas back and forth. Our “responsibility and confidence service” means taking your equipment on time and in perfect condition to and from Base Camp and back to Penitentes.
We own our transportation mules and the “arrieros” (muleteers) are experienced in the mountains.

Freight Mules

Dinning tents

Our dining domes are located in at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas. The dining domes are completely equipped with tables, chairs, dishes and electricity, to provide the highest comfort and quality service. You will be attended to by our Camp Team, in charge of preparing meals and offering an exceptional service with friendly treatment.

Base Camp Services
Aconcagua Dining Domes

Medical equipment

We have medical kits at base camps that include all regular medicines and oximeters, oxygen tubes and hyperbaric chambers exclusively for our clients to be ready to solve all kinds of problems. The guides also carry a medical kit for high camps. We have access to rangers, rescue teams, police, professional medicine doctors and medical institutes specializing in mountain accidents, who are immediately put on alert and get ready whenever they are required by INKA Expediciones.


Dormitory tents

We provide our clients with the best mountain tents available at base camps. We also have exclusive dormitory domes for 4 or 8 persons, with bunk beds, electric light, 20 cm mattress. 

At high camps we provide double tents The North Face Ve25.

Aconcagua Tents
Lodging at Base Camp Aconcagua


The use of our restrooms are included, since they are exclusive for our clients. We have toilets in Plaza Argentina and in Plaza de Mulas.

Aconcagua Restroom


We include hot showers in base camp with no cost for you. We have an exclusive infrastructure for our showers, where we obtain hot water from solar water heaters unique in Aconcagua Park.

Shower at Aconcagua

Drinking water

We include drinking water (hot and cold) in all our base camps. We obtain the water from the melting streams and carry out a decantation, filtration and purification process.

Hydration in Aconcagua

Relax area

All our base camps have spaces to rest and enjoy the mountains. Comfortable armchairs and board games are available to make your stay like no other.

Aconcagua relax

Internet wifi and charging station

We offer you free connectivity in our base camps. We have the Satellite Internet service that allows an exclusive connection to our camps.
You can also recharge your communication device at no cost. The device charging service is achieved thanks to our electrical infrastructure with solar panels, unique in Aconcagua.

Aconcagua Internet


There is permanent communication through VHF, UHF radios, Satellite Telephones between Base Camps, mountain expeditions, Puente de Inca and Mendoza. This guarantees safety and organization that will enable your expedition to be a successful one. We also have internet wifi and e-mail service in our base camps.

Aconcagua Safety


Our scheduled expeditions include the carry of double tents, garbage and human waste and part of common equipment. This is to avoid extra unnecessary effort so that you can preserve your energy or the day you reach the summit.

If you need a porter to help you with your  personal gear, all you need to do is ask for one. We offer personal porter service at a convenient price.

Aconcagua Porters

High camps domes

Our high camps have domes equipped with benches and tables, available so that our clients are protected from inclement weather when eating.

These domes are one of a kind, with an insulating wooden floor and a spacious interior. A real additional assistance to our expeditions at high altitudes.

High camps restrooms

The restroom tents are located in all our high camps. This fundamental service allows us to protect our clients from the weather as well as providing privacy and safety.

Aconcagua High Camps
Aconcagua High Camps


  • Aconcagua Park Entrance Permit. Ascent Fee. (Tax charged by Mendoza government, according to the selected route, dates and nationality. You will get a discount for hiring the assistance of authorized company).
  • Mandatory MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR EXTREME SPORTS (Should cover evacuation and rescue by helicopter)
  • Required personal equipment.
  • Rescue costs or other costs due to the abandonment of the expedition. (Riding mule, pack mule, individual transfers, extra nights, meals, extra costs for changes in your flight ticket, personal porter service, etc.) – It is recommended to take a Travel Insurance to cover these expenses.
  • Personal expenses (tips, laundry, phone, drinks, satellite phone, internet access, showers and porters)
  • Extra nights in a hotel in case of early return to the city/ in case you don’t use the “spare days” and decide to descend to Mendoza.
  • Transfer out Puente de Inca – Mendoza in case of early returning or abandon the expedition.
  • Meals and Drinks not specified in the itinerary. E.g.: Lunches and Dinners in Mendoza. Lunch in day 2 of itinerary.
  • Transportation OUT Hotel – Airport.
  • Any other service not specifically mentioned as included in this document.