We have set the dates of our expeditions guided by Heber Orona. Join an expedition to mount Aconcagua led by one of the most qualified guides in Argentina.
Heber Orona is the first and only Argentine to do the 7 Summits.
It was also the first Argentine to reach the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen or porters assistance.

About Heber Orona

Heber Orona, born in Mendoza, Argentina. Is a high mountain and trekking guide, mountain national instructor, member of the Socorro Andino, a member of the Mendoza Association of Mountain and Trekking Guides, founder and member of IMA-International Mountaineers Association- and an honorary member of CAM-Club Andinista Mendoza.

Between 1999-2006 he managed to reach the summit of the seven highest mountains of each continent. Thus, he became the first Argentine to have reached the “seven summits” (Everest in Asia, Vinson in Antarctica, McKinley in North America, Elbrus in Europe, the Pyramids of Carstensz in Oceania, Aconcagua in America and Kilimanjaro Africa).

In May 1999 he climbed Mount Everest, 8,848 meters altitude, north side (Tibet) without oxygen tubes and without porters.


He has climbed more than 40 times the summit of Aconcagua (first ascent on January 24, 1991), ​​through different routes: Normal or Northwest, the Polish Glacier, False Polish and South Face or Route Messner.

He has also reached the summit of other mountains of complex ascension: Illimani in Bolivia (6400 meters), Tupungato in Argentina (6,500 meters), Small Alpamayo in Bolivia (5400 meters), Orizaba in Mexico (5700 meters), Volcano Galán in Argentina (5700 meters) , Artesonraju in Peru (6034 meters), Mercedario (6770 meters) in Argentina, Bolivia Huayna Potosi (6120 meters), Pico Plata (6000 meters in Argentina, Lanín in Argentina (3770 meters), Tambillos in Argentina (5,600 meters) Quitarraju in Peru (6036 meters), Condoriri in Bolivia (5,500 meters), Ojos del Salado in Argentina (6863 meters), Vallecitos in Argentina (5700 meters), Plata in Argentina (6100 meters), Licamcabur in Bolivia (5700 meters) and Mount Makalu (8463 meters).