Base camps at night

Mountaineering is an activity that allows us to enjoy the natural environment to the fullest. Connecting with nature can be a transformative experience.

However, we can enjoy the modern comforts of a home at the mountains, and that does not take anything away from the adventure.

Having electricity  at Base Camps has become fundamental in the provision of services in the mountains. However it is important to know that any service provided at Base Camp must take into account the following requirements:

  • It must not cause any impact on the environment, damaging nature.
  • It must favor mountaineers’ safety.

We have  provided electricity  to our Base Camps with solar energy through solar panels for many years. By this way we achieve a clean and silent energy and we have been able to provide the  necessary electricity for the operations of Base Camp.

Through solar energy we provide lighting, we keep our communications equipment on and  we heat water for showers.

Nowadays mountaineers travel with many devices that require charging and recharging their batteries. Telephones, tablets, cameras, etc.

In our guided expeditions (scheduled or private) we include charging those devices whenever it is available for free.  However we recommend that you foresee different options to have extra energy to charge your devices (especially in height) as portable chargers or additional batteries.

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Solar Panel